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The Undead - Could it happen?

A zombie outbreak could happen anywhere on Earth.

Hierakonpolis- the place in Egypt where the pyrimid was found that makes it possible

Scientists have stumbled on evidence, documented evidence, and in some cases, created zombies throughout history. In a shocking reality, discover some of the truths behind the myth.

Since the beginning of time, zombies have shown up in movies, story tales, and imaginations. But what if all the folklore aside, they were not entirley fiction. What if, proof had finally been found that would prove a whole civilization of humans had to defend themselves from the very first ever recorded zombie attack in history.

This place has been known to hold the firsts of many things. Including, believe it or not, the very first recording of a zombie outbreak. A tomb was unearthed in 1892 that was the site of a horrific discovery. Inside the tomb was a perfectly preserved body that was later examined to have the virus solanum, the virus that lives in plants that closely resembles zombism. But what was worse of a find was that inside the tomb were scratch marks.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Not really But you never know i guess...

For my self i don't think it would ever happen. someone i use to work with she was a firm believer that it will happen one of these days

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